Multitek Industrial Flameless Heaters are capable of heating both air and liquid with a market leading efficiency of over 90%. Our Flameless Air heaters are designed to create and deliver a higher volume of clean dry air than other heaters can to the targeted environment. Multitek heaters are ideal for heating areas directly at oil rigs, well sites, building construction, drying flooded buildings, new construction, and drying agricultural products.


We manufacture and source top end components and put each machine through stringent testing before it is delivered to you.


We will build your heater to exceed your expectations. If you have a specific need, we are happy to find the perfect solution.

Air Volume

Our flameless heaters deliver best-in-class volumes of clean air at high static pressures allowing longer ducting runs.


Our flameless technology delivers heat without flames for use in extremely hazardous locations.

375,000 BTU | 58HP Engine

375KCA Heater

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700,000 BTU | 90HP Engine

700KCA Heater

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1,200,000 BTU | 200HP Engine

1200KCA Heater

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700,000 BTU | 90HP Engine

MK700 Heater

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