1200KCA Heater

The 1200KCA by Multitek is a superior quality 1,200,000 BTU flameless unit that is John Dierre diesel driven. Our flameless heaters are master controller operated with easy start up and shut down procedures. Multitek heaters have the industry leading automated louver system which ensures correct outside air balance at all times without the need of manual adjustment delivering optimal operation efficiency.
Ideal for high risk exposure areas such as oil and gas or fume sensitive environments.

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  • John Deere 200 HP @ 2,400 RPM


  • Electronic – Overspeed Shutdown

Dual Axle

  • Dual Axle 225/75R16 Tire & Rim

Fuel Capacity

  • 315 Gallons US

Heat Transfer Fluid

  • 25 Gallons Synthetic CalFlo or Synthetic

Electric System

  • 12VDC w/100 Amp Alternator

Air Flow

  • 5000 CFM w/5.5” H2O

Heat Output

  • 1.2 M BTU/Hour

Ambient Air Rating

  • -40F to +60F

Fuel Efficiency

  • 80%+


  • 7,240 Lbs


  • 188” L x 82” W x 98” H

Hitch Setup

  • Pintle Hitch

Leveling Jacks

  • Rear Corner Mounted Bulldog Jacks

Stainless Hardware

  • Stainless Bolt Kit, Exterior Clamps &

Electrical System

  • 12VDC w/100 Amp Brushless / Sparkless

Stone Guard

  • To Roof Line

LED Warning System

  • 3 Function Roof Mounted Strobe Lights –
    On/Off and Low Fuel Indicators


  • Oil Pan Heater (60 Hz)


  • Battery Blanket Heater (60 Hz)


  • Engine Block Heater (60 Hz)

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